Friday, November 27, 2009

Build your wild self writing

In room 18 we went onto a website: build your wild self where we created a wild self and wrote descriptive passages about it. Here are some.

Lurking in the gloomy waters of the deep Atlantic Ocean, hiding in cold and dark underwater caves, waiting for unsuspecting fish to swim past the entrance, this terrifying creature with waving tentacles can put a hole in the side of a boat and tear any prey into confetti pieces in a matter of seconds.
Six black eyes allow him to see further than any other animal in the world; they are as round as a full moon. His mane is as yellow as the sun, at night time it glows in the dark as bright as a light. His ears are as fluffy as a feather and feel really soft. He has arms as green as an avocado and has tentacles as wriggley as a worm on a hook.
His name is Mike.

It all started in the Amazon Jungle, when something went Zooooom. I looked behind, it was there, the monster master of the Amazon Jungle; the Hiss-ho-mon-zeb-at-tree-boa; in other words Te Batman.
She had huge ears like the red river hog and hissing cockroach antennae that were grey and sharp. Her eyes were like green frosted cucumber slices.
It slithered its way over to me with its slimy wet curled up snake tail and weak zebra arms.
It pushed me to the ground and flapped its giant bat wings to show it was angry.
I jumped up and stared at him; he didn’t move; I blinked and she was gone. SPLASH! She had slithered into the creek as fast as a lemonmarco shark. Seconds later I felt a drip of water on my shoulders and her breath on my neck. Her bat wings like gigantic elephant ears could fly at an amazing speed, flying higher than Mt Everest but her beautiful pink T shirt helped her stand out. I screamed in terror, she was horrible. I quickly ran away and pretended it was a dream.

Dressed only in a red T shirt this terrifying beast looks worse than it sounds. The animal is called a Gir-fen-sha-ger-do-ira-rat.
On its head are two fuzzy rabbit ears and at the bottom of its terrible face are razor sharp shark teeth. It has strong wings and spiny haired crab legs. The tiger arms on it are huge and muscley. As they reach out and clap together, the animal disappears leaving his horrifying mouldy smell behind him.

This horrible creature lives in the Dark Cliffs of Doom. I was looking for a native tree when...I stumbled upon the Rattle snake. Then I looked up... I saw this 50 foot high gingery thorn sharp haired monster. He was wearing a green guitar shirt that smelled of dirty laundry. I guessed, Snakey Guy was his name.
He had cockroach antennas, six black bulging eyes scattered across his forehead. The tip of his tail clattered away like a baby’s rattle. Snakey Guy had the human boy face of a two year old child, eleven fish spines with dead flakey skin hanging off the end blowing in whistling wind. His hairy ape arms dangled at his side. Suddenly there was this rumbling sound and as Snakey opened his mouth wide open, a huge pool of vomit came out of it and covered me in a pink oozing liquid. This was a sign of extreme anger.

Looking away from the lions, the safari group turned in the opposite direction and saw the 6 metre tall scarey looking creature. It looked like something the sea would give up but its skin was very well prepared for the pure heat of the African Desert. She had curved, dark, strong reindeer ears sticking out of a human head. Her straight, long, silky brown hair was tied up in a pretty pony tail. Her ears were quite. Delicate butterfly wings stood out like a rose between thorns. With a wave of her butterfly wings, a roar from her fierce fossa snout and a couple of jiggles from her jelly fish mane, she was off into the blue sky to scare another safari group.