Monday, May 25, 2009

Summary Week 4,Term 2

This week we went to the Life Education caravan and met Harold.We learnt a bit about the 'brainy bunch'.Here are a few facts we learnt about the brainy bunch.

Did you know the brain sends messages through the spinal cord to the body?
Did you know the stomach crunches food into a liquid called chyme?
Did you know muscles help you move?

It was also the week for our Prepared Readings.In the class we had to read a passage about a book we had read. I read from the Little Captain by Paul Beigel. I felt nervous during the reading but I think I read well.


We played two sports, soccer and netball and we won them both! The score for soccer was 7-1 and the netball score was 8-5 . Go Shelly Park!
M.L and A.M

Monday, May 18, 2009

Summary Week 3, Term 2

This week room18 has been very busy with a lot of things. All of us have been working on sketches, leaf rubbings and prints. After we have done all of these we're going to put it on a piece of paper in stages. Pod 4 have also had a spelling test. A lot of people passed onto even harder lists. Some people have gone up three spelling tests this year!
Room 18 also had a very yum shared lunch for reading 500 books in 1 term!! We've beaten the class record. We have to feed the Blobbinator, give him books, so he can survive. See picture.
Just to end the week there was a Pod 4 assembly, the first one this term.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Week 2, Term 2

This week we have had a WET week! This weeks weather has been bad and by saying bad we mean 4 days of rain, bad rain. We are very miserable because soccer field day was cancelled. Soccer field day is when schools make teams and play each other in friendly matches.Now onto the next bit...postcards for Mothers Day. (Just a little secret. We are going to post them then our mum's will get a big surprise!)
(ML and RD)
I've added the photograph boys, because we started our Topic this week. I wonder if any of our followers will guess what our topic is from the photograph!
Mrs H.

NM"s diorama

My scene showed it was a lovely day with a bright blue sky and a couple of fluffy white clouds. There were a few light and dark green coloured trees and also some short tiny grass hedges. As well as big brown rocks, there was a large drinking pond for the dinosaurs.
My long neck was munching on some juicy leaves for lunch while my Triceratops was really excited and hungry as she had been waiting for her eggs to hatch, and finally the eggs started hatching!
What my diorama showed

My diorama showed 3 dinosaurs: a Triceratops, a Diplodocus and a Flying dinosaur. We only put 1 tree on the diorama, and that was in the corner. Underneath the tree was a nest with 3 huge eggs. In the opposite corner there were 2 exploding volcanoes. On the ground there were 4 sheets of green paper and heaps of grass. Also, across the ground was a river with glitter in it and rocks on the side.
Next time I think that instead of having 2 volcanoes I could’ve had had 1 volcano with lava blasting out, because it may have looked more realistic.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Summary of the First Week of school, Term 2

Each week, the class leader is encouraged to summarise the week that has been. This summary could include the highs, lows; things they have enjoyed; things they endured, something new they learn't etc. we do hope you get a feel for some of what's happening in our classroom.

Week 1

This week started off as a rough week with Bookweek and sports but we managed to fit it all in!

When we say Bookweek we mean a week when we spend most of the time with another class that is younger than us. Every Bookweek we have a different theme. This time the theme was dinosaurs. At the end of the week we dress-up according to the theme and we have a parade on our school courts. in Room 18 we spent our time with Room 7 and we created dioramas.

Some of the sports we did were netball, soccer and basketball. With all the practices at lunch we sometimes didn't even get time to eat.

It has been a great week and we look forward to the rest of the term!

TH and friend