Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Things we enjoyed about Term 3

The things we did not enjoy in Term 3

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Rockvan came to our school this term...what a great week we had learning to play bass, electric guitars and drums...all culminating in a rock concert on Friday afternoon. These are some of our comments about the incredible week we had.

The thing that I enjoyed was learning the drums and performing song "I Fought the Law" by The Clash to the school. AWESOME!!!

Rockvan was the thing I enjoyed most this term I played the drums for the first time it was really cool to experience this type of instrument not just percussion.

Rockvan was so cool because I got to play the drums. The drums had so many cool sound that I could play with.BB

Rockvan was awesome because we got to have a concert at the end of the week and we performed our song to the whole school.AM

I really enjoyed lerning the bass guitar because it wasn't to hard to learn because there were only 4 strings. I was really nervous that I would muck up on stage...... but I didn't!!!! GF

I loved playing the drums at the concert it was rocking the world!!!!!They had lots of cool sounds that I loved to play!!!42 I think?M.L

The base was fun to play because I have never had the chance to play the base guitar in my life and i'm definatly going to get a base guitar!!!T.N

I really enjoyed rockvan because they helped us learn a instrument and on Friday we got to peform a concert to the other pods which was AWESOME!!! I really liked playing the base guitar aswell because it was easy to learn and only had 4 strings.
E.P !!!

I realy enjoyed playing the bass guitar because I have never played the bass guitar before .I also enjoyed you guys teaching me how to play the bass guitar I would like to play the bass guitar agin .J.p

I really liked RockVan because it was a great opportunity to try a new instrument I had never even touched let alone played before. The drums were really fun and it was cool that they had different settings! I found the guitar and bass really easy ad fun and the teachers were awswome!B.M

Rockvan was a great oppertunity for kids as we got to play instruments we don't usually get to play at school. Playing the electric guitar was an exciting experience that I will never forget!!!!!!:NM

I really enjoyed Rockvan because I always wanted to learn the drums and they gave me the opportunity to. I also really enjoyed the concert!! C.S

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Clocks and time

Our topic for this third term has been CLOCKS.
As a class we looked at how clocks developed from the early sandclocks, sundials and candle clocks to the precise clock mechanisms we have today.The highlight of this unit was to spend a day building our own clocks according to the designs we had researched and planned beforehand.
We encountered many difficulties on this day from dust sticking to our wet paint, to not getting the numbers even and to realising just how hard it is to paint thin lines with a wobbly hand.
Many of the clocks were made for our dads as gifts for Fathers Day and I'm sure they would have been delighted with their personalised clocks and will treasure them for many years to come.
Have a look at how our clocks turned out!