Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Rockvan came to our school this term...what a great week we had learning to play bass, electric guitars and drums...all culminating in a rock concert on Friday afternoon. These are some of our comments about the incredible week we had.

The thing that I enjoyed was learning the drums and performing song "I Fought the Law" by The Clash to the school. AWESOME!!!

Rockvan was the thing I enjoyed most this term I played the drums for the first time it was really cool to experience this type of instrument not just percussion.

Rockvan was so cool because I got to play the drums. The drums had so many cool sound that I could play with.BB

Rockvan was awesome because we got to have a concert at the end of the week and we performed our song to the whole school.AM

I really enjoyed lerning the bass guitar because it wasn't to hard to learn because there were only 4 strings. I was really nervous that I would muck up on stage...... but I didn't!!!! GF

I loved playing the drums at the concert it was rocking the world!!!!!They had lots of cool sounds that I loved to play!!!42 I think?M.L

The base was fun to play because I have never had the chance to play the base guitar in my life and i'm definatly going to get a base guitar!!!T.N

I really enjoyed rockvan because they helped us learn a instrument and on Friday we got to peform a concert to the other pods which was AWESOME!!! I really liked playing the base guitar aswell because it was easy to learn and only had 4 strings.
E.P !!!

I realy enjoyed playing the bass guitar because I have never played the bass guitar before .I also enjoyed you guys teaching me how to play the bass guitar I would like to play the bass guitar agin .J.p

I really liked RockVan because it was a great opportunity to try a new instrument I had never even touched let alone played before. The drums were really fun and it was cool that they had different settings! I found the guitar and bass really easy ad fun and the teachers were awswome!B.M

Rockvan was a great oppertunity for kids as we got to play instruments we don't usually get to play at school. Playing the electric guitar was an exciting experience that I will never forget!!!!!!:NM

I really enjoyed Rockvan because I always wanted to learn the drums and they gave me the opportunity to. I also really enjoyed the concert!! C.S

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