Thursday, June 18, 2009

Unknown bug...Help!

KB brought this interesting bug to school this week. We were able to look at it under our digital microscope; take a picture of it...but now we don't know what it is. Could anyone help us?

Summary Week 7 (Term 2, 2009)

This week has been history, history, history with the 30th anniversary celebration coming up on Friday. 30 years of Shelly Park Primary! WOW!!! Hey and did you know the sports shed was on the side of the library!!!
In Pod 3’s assembly they asked heaps of questions about when Mr Tom Beals the first principal was here and how much the school has changed.
Also, we had our I.C.A.S science exam.

Some of us did jump-jam. It was such fun!!!
This week has been a mixture of weather: raining, sunny, raining, sunny etc. It’s a monkey’s wedding (meaning that it’s sunny and rainy at the same time)!

This week has been awesome! I’ve enjoyed it. I can’t wait for next week!!

Summary of Weeks 5 and 6 (Term 2, 2009)

This summary is for this week, and last week so...

Last week was a normal week except Thursday when the whole of pod 4 had an art day; no maths only morning tea lunch and P.E. The art room 18 did was card-board printing. What we had to do was some kind of system. Mrs H did a flower garden but most people did robots. I did a marshmallow-maker. Some of us have already done our wax rubbings; others are still on cutting and designing or glueing. Soon were going to do the prints!!!

This week was pretty ordinary too. We went to the life education van and met Harold the giant giraffe puppet and learned about stress. 2 weeks ago we learned about the brain and this week we learned about stress.
Guess what?
Today, Friday, we had a bake sale entirely made by Pod 2. The muffins and cakes were 50 cents each. They were delicious!!!


A Rock with a Story

Lots of people with bright white coats and weird glasses were poking and brushing me with something. I thought back to when I was in a big comfy volcano with my friends. The whole place started shaking. We were going to blast out of this huge volcano.
I shot up into the sky and landed on all the volcanic ash. I was crawling down the giant hill. I went slower and slower, until I had stopped completely. I didn’t know how long it was, but I had become heaps stiller and rougher... more dull and boring...I was a rock!
Now that’s when I started getting a bit scared. Where was I? What was I doing here? I just didn’t know.
Suddenly, I heard footsteps of those mean humans. No offence but they had made my brother into a footpath!! I was getting more and more scared, until they were right there in front of me. Well.... I couldn’t really see them, but I knew they were there. Their footsteps were like heaps of earth-quakes!! I felt their hands grab my body and all went black as I hit the bottom of complete darkness.
I heard something else humming. It was another rock. He told me that those humans picked him up a few days ago and separated him from his family.
It was dark and cold in the bag. It felt like hours until we stopped again. I could hear the humans walking up something... maybe stairs? I don’t know. In rock language I heard the screams of heaps of rocks that had been made into concrete. Suddenly, I heard a door open and they dropped the bag onto a table. I wasn’t ready for the suddenness of the light but I couldn’t do anything about it. A hand reached in the bag trying to pick one of us out. I was hoping and praying that I wouldn’t get taken out. What would happen to us? Would they put us on display in a glass cage? Would they grind us to the core to make something? I just didn’t know. Just then a hand closed around something. I shut my eyes and got ready for whatever they were going to do to us, but it didn’t happen.
A few days must have passed before I got taken out of the bag. And here I am now, getting poked and brushed.

By H.O

Thursday, June 11, 2009

We had lots of fun looking at Limericks and then trying to write our own and making sure we referred to a body part somewhere in the limerick! It wasn't always easy getting the 8 syllables for lines 1,2 and 5; and 5 or 6 syllables for lines 3 and 4. We managed it in most cases,though! Enjoy and have a giggle!

There once was a small boy called Bee
Who really hurt his small clean knee
He fell off his bike
Got a very big fright
Causing the end of his pet Flee. (Room 18 friend)

There once was a boy called Deal
Who had a really big meal
He fell on his head
Then went straight to bed
Oh that very poor boy called Deal. (Z.S )

There once was a boy with a brain
Who acted like he was insane
One day he turned red
And thought himself dead
That boy is now alive back in bed. (H.W)

There once was a boy called Sidney
Who had an enormous kidney
One day it fell apart
And then broke his heart
That very poor boy called Sidney. (M.L and B.B)

There once was a good man called Sain
Who lived in a big candy cane
He had a big brain
Then he went insane
And that was the end of poor Sain. (M.L and B.B)

There once was a big fat tummy
One day he felt really funny
Oh, that butterfly
That was in his pie
Made a chrysalis in his tummy. (BM)

There once was a person called Bill
Who liked to sleep on a steep hill.
After he poked his eye
He started to fly
Then old Bill had to take a pill. (F.B-H and T.H)

There once was a glow-worm called Joe
Oh he wished he had a big toe.
He fell into a trap
And saw a big map
Then he found himself in the snow.
(T.H and F.B-H )

There was a snake called Karate
Who always loved a good party,
His radio broke
His hair started to smoke
Oh poor old brainless Karate. (H.O and E.P)

There once was a crab named Bob
Who liked to eat juicy corn-cob
But one strange weird day,
His tongue blew away
And now he can’t eat his corn-cob. (H.O)

There was a young boy named Crane
Who travelled to the human brain
He bumped his toe
And yelled oh-no
And that was the end of young Crane. (G.T)

There once was a boy named Dimple
Who had a great grey weird pimple!
But then one sad day
His pointy nose went grey
That very poor wrinkled Dimple. (K.G)

There once was a friendly boy called Joe
Who had a lot of fun with a bow
He had only one eye
Covered in meat pie
Oh that poor little boy that's so slow. (T.N)

There was once a bright girl named Jane
Who broke her leg and cried in pain
One day there was a crow
Who sadly bit her toe
That’s toeless Jane with a big brain. (NM)

There once was a man named Pierre
Who had a big fat ugly ear
He had so much gear
to catch a speedy deer
that he needed trucks for his gear. (A.M)

There was once a young black kitten
Who loved to sleep in a mitten
She slept for a day
But then ran away
Please come back little black kitten! (E.P)